My name is Barbara Gilbert; I live in the Borough of Redbridge, more precisely in Hainault.

I am Italian and lived in England since 1990. We live in a detached house with a kitchen, dining room, living room, cloakroom and conservatory. The whole of the downstairs is used for childminding. We have a fairly good size garden that backs onto the local park, which we can access to via a gate (properly padlocked for safety).

I became a childminder in 2003, leaving my Accountancy career behind and never looked back. I have always wanted to work with children and after my third child came along, I decided to register.

We have one dog and three cats.

My house is a smoke free environment.

My contact n: 07787572015

E-mail: benjeja70@hotmail.co.uk


I am registered with OFSTED, a non-ministerial government department whose main aim is to help improve the quality and standards of education and childcare through independent inspections and regulations

I am a member of NCMA (National Child Minding Association of England and Wales) which promotes quality home-based childcare for the benefits of children, families and communities

In order to become a childminder I had to obtain the following qualifications:

ICP (Introduction to Childminding Practice certificate)

First Aid

Registration with Ofsted

Food Hygiene

In addition to the above, in order to ensure a high level of care, childminders are required to attend regular courses and workshops. I have attended the following:

Child Protection

Behaviour Management

0 – 3 matters (how to work with children under three)

Disability Awareness

Oral Hygiene

Fire Safety

I hold a level 3 Diploma in Children and Young People’s Workforce, Early Learning and Childcare

3 responses to “About

  1. nova jones says:

    My daugher has been with Barbara since she was 10 months old. Under Barbara’s care and commitment to children’s development, my daugher has developed into a confident, social and independent toddler. She loves being with Barbara and now thinks that she is also part of Barbara’s family.

  2. Owen says:

    on January 31, 2012 my best experiences hepapn every day, i am one of only two male accredited childminders in suffolk who is fully senco trained and has completed the ECat standard and was the first childminder in suffolk to take part in the dcatch pilot scheme that helps disabled get better access to childcare and have also taken part in the pilot scheme for nursery places for 2 year old and i love my job, some of the children i look after have been at little monsters since they were 3 months and they are 8 and 9 years old now. children face all kinds of challenges through out their lives and i really like the way in which I learn along with them about those challenges they face and helps me to learn as a person with them

  3. Billie-Jo Rebeiro says:

    Hi Barbera,

    I am looking to start a new Job the week after the Easter holiday. I need somebody who can pick up my daughter from John Bramstin Nursery, twice a week. She finishes at 11:45, and I would be able to collect her from you at around 5:30pm.

    I may be able to get help with the costs, can we have a chat about costs and availability?

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