A parent/carer who is not satisfied with any aspect of the childminder provision should, first of all, talk over any concerns with the childminder. I sincerely believe that most complaints, if made constructively, can be resolved at an early stage.If the dealing with problems has not a satisfactory outcome, than the parent/carer should discuss his/her concern with the FIND – Manford Way – Hainault.

If there are still concerns after the above, complaints can be taken to the attention of Ofsted:

Tel 03001231231



I tend to set clear boundaries for children according to their age and stage of development. Good behaviour will always be praised and encouraged.

When unacceptable behaviour is used than I tend to remove the child from the situation and explain why that particular behaviour is not accepted whilst in my care. If they continue then they are given “time out” in close proximity to myself..

By setting a good example, children should learn to respect themselves, others and other people s properties.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, even with parental consent, will I physically punish, humiliating or frighten a child in my care.



As a register childminderr, and as a mother, I understand that my first responsibility is to the child.

Information about children and their families will not be shared with anyone without the permission of the family. Exception to the above would be in the case of suspected child abuse.

In accordance with the guidelines laid down in the Children’s Act {1989}, it is my duty to report any incidents or accidents, which are cause for concern, to the relevant authorities.

Any injuries that a child has upon arrival will be entered in the “Accident book”, together with a brief explanation on how it occurred.

If I feel that a child is being somehow abused, then I will first relate to the child parents. If at this stage an acceptable explanation is given then no further actions will be taken.

If there is a suspicion of sexual abuse then the relevant authorities will be immediately informed.

Please note that if a child is not  collected at the arranged pick up time, and no contacts have been made by the parent/guardian to advise me of any delays in picking the child up, I shall firstly try to contact the person on the child’s emergency contact list to arrange collection. If I cannot arrange for the child to be collected, I will contact social services and inform them of the situation. I will look after the child until the situation is resolved.



We live in a multicultural society, in which men and women tend to have more and more the same roles and responsibilities.

Should I encounter any kind of prejudice then I will challenge it. In my home I do not tolerate any kind of racist or sexist language.

I firmly believe that values and beliefs that adults hold are formed during early years, therefore qualities such as determination, tolerance, respect and open mind will be strongly promoted, and certainly not confined to any particular group of children in my care.

Children will have the opportunity of learning about different cultures and traditions, which will be used as a great source of playing and learning material.

Any suggestions and help from the parents on the above will be very much appreciated.



In the unlikely event of a fire which cannot be dealt with by myself, children in my care will be taken outside the premises at once. The fire brigade will then be called in, Please note that I tend to carry my mobile phone in my pocket whilst at home with all the relevant telephone numbers relative to each child.

Smoke alarms are regularly checked and older children will be shown how to evacuate the house in the safest and quickest way. Fire drills are held regularly so that younger children are also familiar with the evacuation procedure.



Parents/guardians are kindly asked to keep their children at home if they have any kind of infection, virus or if they have been vomiting or had diarrhoea.

Minor accidents will be dealt with by myself but parents/guardians will be informed immediately if the accident involves the head, In any other case of minor injury parents/guardians will be informed at the end of the day, upon collection.

Should a more serious accident occur an ambulance will be called first and then I will contact the parent. I will personally accompany the child on the ambulance whenever possible, therefore the remaining children will be taken care of by other childminders or trustworthy friends, who will then contact parents to ensure children are safely collected.

Administration of Medicines

If a child in my care needs medications, I am required by the National Standards to have written consent by the parents/guardians. I have a separate medication book in which I will record the dosage and times of the medication given and signed by myself and by the parent. Rest assured that all the information recorded are strictly confidential.

Back up:

Mrs Sandra Josias

0208 5027831

Mrs Lois Feldman

0208 5001545

Please note, my colleagues will have a copy of your child record form which you would have filled in when signing the contract.



The toys and equipment provided:

–         conforms to all relevant safety regulations

–         is appropriate for the ages and stages of children

–         represent positive image of people from all different ethnic

backgrounds with or without disabilities, etc.

–         will promote, with adequate supervision, the development of physical, intellectual and social skills of each child.

Weather permitted, outdoor activities are encouraged, outdoor space is securely fenced and all gates, door to garage and shed are kept locked.



All meals and snack are provided taking into consideration parents’ views and families backgrounds and beliefs.

I personally tend to offer home made meals such as

Pasta with various sauces.

Shepherd’s pie

Home made chicken dishes

Fish fingers (not home made)


Home made pizza

I tend to encourage children to eat vegetables with their hot meals, therefore a good selection of vegetables is served with the above.

Yoghurts or fruits are offered and the end of each meal

Water and juice are provided throughout the day.

Cereals or toast are offered for breakfast.

Biscuits or fruits are given at snack times

On occasions a trip to McDonald is taken. Please note: should you have any reasons for your child not to have a McDonald or any other kind of “fast food”, then a sandwich will be offered instead.

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